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Help guide to purchase any prints or merchandise from DN7.com
A few notes to help

Until you enter your payment details and then confirmed your order you can change your mind at any time so pick as many as you like and then choose the best

At any time select "share" top right of page to send a link to someone who may be interested in these pictures

You can make any changes to the picture but nothing will effect the original

all copyright messages will be removed for printing

If you feel you have lost your way simply select All Photographs link near the top of the page to start again.

If all else fails click on Contact and send me a message.

Select "View your images"

make you selections from the images available

Select "buy" or add to cart

You will then be presented with your options of products available for printing the image. Please note if you would like an image printed on something not shown please get in touch as i have many contacts within the industry.

You will now be offered the option to crop your picture

If you are happy with everything select checkout.
Paypal is used for payments as this is generally regarded as the safest and easiest option for online payments.
If you prefer you can use credit/debit card without registering for an account

Your goods will be posted to you with your satisfaction guaranteed 

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