North Devon Ilfracombe Triathlon 2011 Event Photography covers the North Devon Triathlon

Well today I covered a triathlon for the first time and i have to say one thing.
These Guys and Girls have my full respect.
They Got to Ilfracombe ready to check in by 9a.m. And the start was due at 9.30, slight delay to th e start and then all got under way about 10.

So they started off with a 400M strength sapping sea swim no easy task and out onto a very slippy surface of moss-covered rocks.
Ilfracombe Triathlon 2011 215 150x99 North Devon Ilfracombe Triathlon  2011

Swimmers Emerge from the 400m sea swim

Up the hill to the transition station and onto the bikes, they then coverd 22k’s of tuff hills before racing back down to the transition area drop off the bike and change from 2 wheels to two feet. Around the harbour and then back up the hills to cover an exhausting 5k’s.

Ilfracombe Triathlon 2011 481 99x150 North Devon Ilfracombe Triathlon  2011

Watching the runners coming back for the final run was amazing to see how many looked as if they could do it again.
As I said before TOTAL RESPECT.

I have uploaded some pictures onto Ilfracombe Photo Gallery

I have also uploaded pictures to Ilfracombe Photo Gallery

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